The management of the project will ensure that all the activities are executed correctly and timely, having a smooth transfer of results between them in order to avoid delays or deviations from the schedule.


  • WP1 –Management: will undertake managerial and coordination activities in the project and provide overall guidance in terms of project plan, scope and progress, administrative and financial issues, technical management and quality assurance.
  • WP2 – UTM Operational Framework: will establish UTM concept of operations and relevant scenarios based on inputs from relevant organizations (SESAR, EASA, Eurocontrol, NASA/FAA, etc.) and other R&D projects and will produce performance requirements for the GAUSS solution. The main output of WP2 will be a collection of technological, performance and regulatory requirements in order to ensure that the GAUSS solution is relevant for the next generation of RPAS and UTM.
  • WP3 – RPAS Precise Positioning & Orientation: will develop Galileo-EGNOS based solutions in combination with other GNSS constellation, pseudo-range based algorithms and fusion with on-board sensors. The main output of WP3 will be an integral positioning and orientation solution that has passed all required unitary tests.
  • WP4 – EGNSS Signal Integrity & Security: will implement reliable measures to guarantee the security and cyber resilience of the GNSS based positioning system. WP3 will identify assets and threats by conducting risk assessment and developing specific scenario enabling security-features implications, design and development of a set of solutions against cyberattacks and implement active countermeasures. The main output of WP4 will be an integral EGNSS security solution that has passed all required unitary tests.
  • WP5 – UTM Technologies: will be devoted to the assessment and development of algorithms and functions needed for GNSS related technologies for RPAS Operation in the UTM, following a systems engineering approach. These technologies include, the integration of ADS-B for cooperative Detect & Avoid and ERFT functions, together with the development of secure communications techniques, and a safety assessment and generation of safe procedures for Detect & Avoid and ERFT. The main output of WP5 will be a fully functional UTM ANSP node with UAS coordination capabilities that has passed all required unitary tests.
  • WP6 – Integration, Trials and Validation: will integrate all individually developed technologies into the final GAUSS system and on-board different RPAS, perform laboratory functional integrated tests and validate the GAUSS solutions by means of two exhaustive field trials in different scenarios (in-land and maritime). Results from the field trials will be evaluated against ground-truth measurements and project metrics and KPIs in order to ensure that results allow the transition to industrialisation phase. The main output of WP6 is a GAUSS solution ready for industrialisation phase.
  • WP7 – Communication, Exploitation and Dissemination: will disseminate the results of the project, creating strong awareness of the initiative, and will ensure the economic feasibility of GAUSS as a commercial product.


Work Packages


Dis. Level

Document describing all the management, administrative and quality assurance procedures to be used throughout the project lifecycle and the detailed project plan.


The reports will have the same structure and will include: update on the project status; consolidation of previous reports; level of completion of work; outcome from EC external reviews, recommendations and requests; recommendations from external Committees; risks’ assessment; study of opportunities; foreseen actions for next period; cost report; dissemination and exploitation report; etc. 


The reports will have the same structure and will include: update on the project financial status; consolidation of previous reports; outcome from EC external reviews, recommendations and requests; cost report; financial risks’ assessment; audit reports; etc.


It will provide an update on the project status in terms of Quality and Risk Management and will include: a report on Quality Control focused on monitoring specific project results to determine if they comply with relevant quality standards/guidelines that were required in the Project Management Plan; and a report on Risk Control focused on monitoring all those risks identified and the associated contingency plans defined.


It describes the data management life cycle for the data to be collected, processed and/or generated within the project. It will include information on the handling of research data during and after the end of the project, what data will be collected, processed and/or generated, which methodology and standards will be applied, and whether data will be shared/made open access and how data will be curated and preserved .


 Document describing the detailed UTM system operational concept. A preliminary version of this deliverable will be released in M6 to be discussed in the first biannual progress meeting and Advisory Board workshop. 


 Report with detailed description of relevant UTM scenarios.





Document that lists all performance requirements derived from UTM concept of operations and scenarios.




 Document enumerating potential legal and ethical requirements and compliance measures to take.






Document with collection of technical and regulation requirements.



Report which shows design specifications of Positioning and orientation module according to the design specifications; it will rely on the fusion of data from on-board sensors together with raw measurements coming from the GNSS/EGNOS localization unit



Report which shows design specifications prototype specifications of positioning and orientation module.




Report with the unitary test results; it will include a preliminary integration with the UTM developed in WP5 and a list of failure modes will also be generated. 


Report including the initial situation risk assessment and identified important tangible and intangible assets to be protected the possible threats, and vulnerabilities.





 Document including all design details for each of the security solutions.


Document specifying all mitigation measures/manoeuvres in case an attack is detected.



Fully functional prototype of GAUSS GNSS integrity and security solution and detailed specifications report.



This deliverable will present the results of unitary tests.



This deliverable presents the designed architecture, infrastructure and technologies designed. 



This deliverable consists of a functional automatic surveillance broadcast system for UAS and a report describing its design and development.


This deliverable will consist of a functional solution for UTM trajectory generation and validation as well as cooperative Detect & Avoid and emergencies management. It will include a report describing its design and development. 


Prototype consisting on a FPGA based solution to encrypt all system communications in real time. It will include a report describing its design and specifications.



This deliverable will present the results of the validation activities performed in the unitary tests.


Document containing the system integration plan and the experimental methodology plan were experimental requirements, metrics, setup, ground-truth measurements and results assessment methodology are included. 


Functional integrated GAUSS prototype and report describing integration details.



Report with integrated test results.



Report with the first trials campaign summary of events, results and lessons learnt.



 Report with the second trials campaign summary of events, results and lessons learnt.


Detailed report which summarizes the results of the GAUSS system validation, including: comparison of results against ground-truth measurements, residual risk assessment and evaluation of objectives KPI. This report will include also recommendations in terms of methodology, future regulation and standards. 


This deliverable shall describe the GAUSS dissemination strategy and planned activity in a comprehensive manner. It will include goals, objectives, stakeholders , content, communication channels , tools , opportunities, timetable and metrics of dissemination activity. Also a preliminary data management plan will be included. 



Document reporting all dissemination and exploitation activities performed under the scope of the GAUSS project.




 Document providing all details of the GAUSS projects business goals and plans for reaching them in order to ensure that the commercial potential of the GAUSS solution is confirmed and the product enters successfully in the UAS and UTM market. 





Project Management Plan




Periodic and Financial Project Reports





Periodic and Final Financial reports






Quality & Risk management report







Data Management Plan




Compilation of UTM performance requirements


Legal and ethical requirements and compliance report


Analysis of RPAS dynamics, operational requisites and avionics systems


Design of integral RPAS positioning and orientation solution



Prototype of integral RPAS positioning and orientation solution


Unitary tests report RPAS



EGNSS security solutions design


Security mitigation measures design


Prototype of EGNSS security solutions


Unitary tests report EGNSS


Architecture for UTM infrastructure


Prototype of ADS-B system



Safe operation methods and tools



Prototype of security system for UTM communications


UTM technologies tests report


Integration and experimental methodology plan


Integrated prototype


Integrated functional tests report


First trials results report


Second trials results report



Performance results analysis and conclusions




Dissemination, Communication and Data Management Plan



Periodic and Final Reports on Dissemination and Exploitation Activities


Preliminary and final exploitation and business plan